Salt//pepper serves Western cuisine with an Asian twist. Salt//Pepper situates in a small corner on the 4th floor at Siam Paragon, Bangkok. The price range is around 200-500 per person. Since it is located downtown Bangkok, it is good for family, friends or even business talks.

Top 5 dishes should NOT be missed @Salt//Pepper

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French fries with 8 homemade dips 190 Baht/dish

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Roasted duck salad with  wasabi dressing 250 Baht/dish

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Spagetti Bacon with Onsen egg 240 Baht/dish

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Pork ribs BBQ 530 Baht/dish

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Mini Burgers 350 Baht/3 burgers

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Summer Berry Freppe

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Berry Dot, soda with blueberry syrup

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Creme Bule 190 Baht/dish & Tiramisu 190 Baht/dish

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Salt//Pepper, 4th floor @Siam Paragon