Charm Thai restaurant takes tradition seriously by creating the true tastes of Thailand in every dish.

Regarded as one of Bangkok’s best-kept secrets by lovers of genuine Thai cuisine, Charm Thai restaurant at Holiday Inn Bangkok faithfully reflects Thailand’s rich culinary heritage as well as its social and artistic traditions – and all in a strikingly contemporary setting.


Enjoy the true tastes of Thailand at Charm Thai, where every flavor is enhanced with a warm welcome and highly attentive service.

Indeed, the venue’s glass-enclosed, centerpiece hot and cold kitchens are the very heart of Charm Thai and allow diners to see talented chefs prepare every exquisite dish.

Dishes feature organic fruits and vegetables sourced from the nation’s Royal Project and are created in strict adherence to traditional recipes.


The restaurant’s chef de cuisine, Chef Seksan Kerdyoo, moreover, has 25 years of experience and, supported by a team of skilled cooks and kitchen staff, he delights diners with dishes containing market-fresh produce as well as local herbs and spices.


Recommended appetizers like aharn wang Charm Thai, a combination platter of famous Thai appetizers; mee krob, crispy deep-fried rice noodles coated with sweet-and-sour sauce; and mar hoh, a traditional Thai appetizer not often found on restaurant menus.


This crunchy dish would fill you all the way, but it is a perfect appetizer snack.


Even though deep fried is not what I usually prefer, but this deep fried Thai traditional pork dish is a must try at Charm Thai.


Charm Thai likewise is highly regarded for its mieng kam, bite-sized appetizers combining the essence of Thai flavors in each morsel.


Savor our signature gaeng phed ped krob, a mildly spicy but flavorful red curry with crispy deep-fried roasted duck; poo nim phad khaikem, a popular Thai stir-fry dish of soft shell crab with distinctive salted egg; and a classic Thai dish known throughout the world, pad Thai goong.


Further elevating the dining experience at Charm Thai are fruit and herbal drinks such as mekala combining the sweetness of palm juice with the tropical notes of Thai berries. Moreover are fine complements to Charm Thai’s dessert selections, such as khao kaya koo


Gather family, friends and colleagues to experience Bangkok’s best-kept dining secret: Charm Thai restaurant at Holiday Inn Bangkok. Indoor seating in addition to al fresco dining at poolside available.



If you want to try the food here, it is at the Lobby Level, of Holiday Inn Bangkok, 971 Phloen Chit Road, Lumpini, Pathum Wan, Bangkok, 10330 or just click at this google map link

The restaurant opens everyday from 6.00 p.m to 10.30 p.m.There are plenty of parking space, as you can park at the hotel parking lot.If you have any inquiry, please call 02-656-1555 ext. 5300