Phuket is one of the very attractive tourist destinations in Thailand, well known for its beautiful relaxing beaches, as well as its exotic night life experience, like Phuket’s sin city of Patong.

But…if you are not in the mood for partying, and rather spend your time blissfully laid-back, Kata beach would be one of your best choices.

The trip begin from Suvarnabhumi airport, Bangkok, and it takes about an hour and a half to get to Phuket.

As soon as the plane landed, I was greeted by the hotel’s chauffeur and his car, and it took approximately 45 minutes to reach the hotel.

Boathouse by Montara is medium size boutique hotel located
in a superb location of Kata beach.

The hotel welcomed us with refreshing ice-tea to slake the thirst.

We stayed in a ‘family seaview suite’, which offered a king-size bed, a day bed, one big bathtub and a separated rejuvenating rain shower. As it was on the ground floor, so I could take a few steps straight onto the beach.



Our lunch was accompanied by Boathouse’s wine guru, Khun S, who enlighten us on how to pair food with wine.


 Let’s take a closer look at the food we ordered.



After a delectable lunch, we took quick walk around the hotel, which hoped to help with our digestion.

Started from the Beach front penthouse …


This room is huge! It has 2 bedrooms, dining room, a grand living room, a medium size working space and a piano. This room is located on the hotel’s top floor, the 4th floor. The elevator only goes up until the 3rd floor, so you got to walk up an extra floor yourself, but it will worth the effort.



Another room we visited was the Beachfront Seaview Suit.


This room has outstanding panoramic view of Kata beach, and from here you can also see an island surrounded by blue water. Most of the walls are large-size window pane, so you can always stay connected with the sea, unless you close the curtain to keep your privacy.


This was how the hotel look like in the evening.


Hotel’s restaurant: Boathouse Wine & Grill

The food here is what shouldn’t be missed. Boathouse Wine & Grill has won awards for both its classic French and authentic Thai culinary traditions. Here, it proves that a healthy dish can be very delicious.


Moreover, this place is well known for its wine, so if you are a wine lover, they have the biggest wine cellar in Phuket.

And who wouldn’t enjoy eating at a beachfront terrace?

Dinner by Chef Bryan Burger

Good night 😉

…The next morning by the beach


For those who enjoy extreme sport, like surfing, you may wanna try surfing Phuket’s waves.

Powerful breakfast for an energetic day!


Went for an hour massage at ReKaTa spa


Another delicious lychee cocktail

The massage got us pretty hungry. The lunch was served in “Romantic Dining Room”, a private air-conditioned room facing the beach, on the second floor of the hotel’s lobby.



I think this place is great for both couples and families. It is not over crowded, and the beach is only few steps away. Free Wi-Fi is available throughout the hotel.

If you drive, they have more than enough parking spaces, but for those who don’t drive, the hotel has transportation service that would direct you from-to the airport.

I would definitely comeback.;)